What's Next

I’m super excited about a new decade. I really, really want to reuse the label “Roaring 20s”. Doesn’t that just sound like so much fun? I already love swing music and feel pretty sure I could go for a bob and a flapper dress. Regardless, it’s a new decade and a brand new chance to embrace change and moving forward.   

Speaking of change, I have some news to share. Recently I learned that my building was under contract to be sold and my lease will not be renewed by the new owners. A surprise? Yes. The end of the world? Most definitely not.  

Since finding out “the news”, I’ve been trolling around a bit to see if a new place jumps out at me. So far, nothing seems to fit the heart of Pink Spider. I’m pretty picky about being true to my brand (no strip malls for me) and where PS finds its home is an important decision that I don’t want to rush. I rely heavily on my “gut” and will trust that the right place will reveal itself eventually. 

So what now? After careful prayer and admittedly some gnashing of teeth and a tantrum or two, I’ve decided to sell down inventory (I did not/will not go to market this season) and take a few months to regroup. And by regroup I mean look for a new place; take some time to reflect about what lies ahead; and perhaps see if The Big Guy has other plans for me. At my age, it’s time to accept the fact that I am not really in control anyway. Regardless, I really believe things happen for a reason and will do my best to roll with it. 

This does mean, however, that I need to push inventory out that bright pink door.  Starting today, all inventory (with the exception of our repurposed LV collection) is 50% off. That’s big savings for you. Use the code BESTEVER on the website or stop by to say hello and check things out in person.

The last “Roaring Twenties” was marked by a carefree attitude and an overall irreverent twinkle in the eye. That sounds kinda good to me and you know we’ve always encouraged a little sass around here. Change is hard but the new “Roaring Twenties” seems an appropriate time to just see what happens. Wish me luck and keep in touch. You just never know what might unfold.