Wendi Foley, Pink Spider One and Only

Pink Spider began a long time ago. Probably sometime around my sixth birthday and those purple corduroy daisy-print bell-bottoms. Even before then, my family was full of fashionable women who were brave enough to be self-expressive and understanding enough to let me wear those hideous pants in public (thanks, mom). No one else did, but I LOVED those pants... and so began a lifetime love affair with fashion—my way.

Our brick-and-mortar store opened on a Wednesday in August 2011. And every day since we've been earning our reputation as the "boutique with a bite." On any given day you'll find a loyal following snatching up what's new and catching up on the latest gossip. (We don't endorse gossip. Okay, we do. But we promise not to tell.) We'll always chat you up and want to know you where you got those shoes. So it goes without saying that shopping Pink Spider is always fun. It's always casual. And it's always irreverant.

As far as our stuff goes, we've got you covered with cute, but with an edge that's completely grown up. We're constantly searching for the unusual, the creative... the bite. Like the fabulous duo from the seventies (who probably inspired those purple pants) we've been described as a little bit country; a little bit rock and roll. Whatever your personality, Pink Spider delivers. From the coolest western boots, hand-made crystal belt buckles, and luscious leather studded bags to handcrafted jewelry, silly gifts and spunky decor, it's all here.

Back in the day, I forced my baby sister to play "store" with me where she was always the customer (not by choice, sorry about that, sis—I still have a hard time tamping down the bossy). Most days I still feel like I'm playing "store" as I love so much what I do. Just to be real, however, I do not like cleaning the bathroom, shoveling snow from the sidewalk or doing math.

Pink Spider now has a facebook presence and a website. That's pretty fancy stuff, you know. But our first love is the customer that just stops by (preferably with Sweet-Tarts or chocolate chip cookies).

I feel completely blessed by the Big Guy; completely loved by my guy; and completely supported by my incredible family and amazing friends. And that's as serious as I get.

Now get in here. We're fresh out of purple corduroy daisy-print bell-bottoms. But that was my fabulousness. We'll help you find your own.